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McCulloch 4-Ton 2.0 HP Electric Log Splitter

Do you burn wood to heat your home in the long winter months? Are you tired of having to split that massive pile of difficult logs manually? Are you sick of your back, arms, and legs being sore from using a hand saw or axe and wedge or chain saw or even a manual log splitter? I think it is time you moved up in the world and got an electric log splitter such as the McCulloch 4-Ton 2.0 HP Electric Log Splitter #FB4052. This is a fantastic way to make short work of a mounting pile of fire wood that you are not looking forward to splitting.

The McCulloch 4-Ton 2.0 HP Electric Log Splitter #FB4052 splitter will meet all you expectations in the log splitting department. It is very safe and easy to use, the workman ship it top rate, and the design is well done so you are not straining yourself at all using this device. The manufactures have made sure to consider the consumers safety when using this machine and it shows in the design and construction. The main safety feature that it does have is its two handed operation. The machine does not constantly run; in order for it to run you need to press and hold the electric switch to start the hydraulics then with the other hand push the hydraulic lever to push the log in to the wedge.

This splitter is made of all tough durable steel, with thick welds and tough bolts holding it all together. It is designed to be easily transported by one person; it weighs approximately 95 pounds and is mounted on wheels. It can be towed behind a lawn mower or all terrain vehicles with its handy attached trailer hitch. It will make cutting wood easy and enjoyable, with its ability to cut logs up to twenty inches long and fifteen inches in diameter you will wonder why you have not bought this electric log splitter much sooner.

This electric model is also neighbour hood friendly due to the fact that it is very quiet and does not leave the small of gas lingering in the air because it does not need any! You will never want to be without one as long as you have wood to split.


Grizzly H8100 8 Ton Log Splitter

The old days of splitting all your fire wood for the coming winter using a saw, axe and wedge or even a chain saw are gone! One of the greatest tools you can possibly have for cutting up small one household amounts of wood is a log splitter. The Grizzly H8100 8 Ton Log Splitter is a great one to have. It is very affordable, extremely easy to set up and use and is very well build with thick steel and tough welds holding it all together.

The Grizzly H8100 8 Ton Log Splitter is a unique splitter in the fact that it is an upright one, it measures at roughly four feet high. It is very easy to maneuver to anywhere you need to chop wood though as it does have wheels mounted on it, so you can roll it around any where you want like you would an appliance cart. That also means it is a breeze to store with it taking up very little room, it can be placed in a end row of your wood pile where is could be protected from the elements but always accessible to your wood without having to drag it out of a garage or shed to your wood pile. Certainly easier than the long horizontal options.

This log splitter is good for most diameters of logs with an allotted length of twenty three inches or less. With eight tons of hydraulic force it can chop thought most types of wood, even knotted, and odd shaped ones with little extra effort. This machine is also good for people who may not have much upper body strength, or back problems, once the pressure has built you simply push down on a foot pedal!

So, all the needed force comes from your legs, and then all you have to do is turn the arm and the ram returns to the beginning position ready for the next log. The leg press can also be adjusted making for easier splitting for any height.

Over all this is a great purchase for anyone who does heat their house using a wood burning appliance. Chopping wood will never be that agonising chore anymore. With an efficient, safe and easy to use Grizzly H8100 8 Ton Log Splitter you will have all the wood you need to keep you family comfortable.

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