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Swisher 12428 10 Ton Manual Deluxe Hydraulic Log Splitter Review

Many people these days still have wood burning stoves to heat their homes. With this alternative fuel source comes but one down side-that is cutting the wood down to a manageable size that will fit in your stove. You can do it the old fashioned way, with a wedge and an axe or with a chain saw or you can upgrade and get a Swisher 12428 10 Ton Manual Deluxe Hydraulic Log Splitter.

A manual hydraulic log splitter allows you to chop firewood in a much, safer, faster, more efficient way. It is also very easy to use for just about anyone, no matter what age or gender you may be. The machine itself is very easy to use and set up. It is on wheels so you can take it any where your wood pile may be, it also has a hitch that can be attached to a lawn tractor for even more ease. As for operation all you need to do is load a log, no bigger than 18 inches in to the grove and push on the handle once the pressure has build up to 10 tons of pressure can be built.

Depending on the type of wood you are cutting there are two different speed settings to choose from. A manual log splitter is a good choice if you think you will burn about a cord or two of wood a year, you can do you whole pile of wood in a few days, and have it ready, or you can chop it as you go. It is a great way to get it all done, one person can operate the splitter and one can pile the wood and it will make short work of that pile of wood. The Swisher 12428 10 Ton Manual Deluxe Hydraulic Log Splitter is easy to store as well being as is in only about 4 feet long and 8 inches wide, it fits nicely in any garage or shed. Its handles are also removable and can be stored.

Overall this is a great product for anyone who has a wood burning stove to have. It is easy to use and safe, and very friendly one the wallet. It makes doing wood so much faster and enjoyable for everyone involved.

Powerhouse SS-FX128-Z 7-ton Electric Log Splitter Review

Are you one of the lucky home owners who have a wood burning stove to provide heat throughout the long cold northern winters? The awesome warmth they provide is only limited by the amount of wood you can split. Now splitting wood is one of the most demanding, tedious and time consuming chores there ever was.

In the end it is totally worth it, with the saving you have in not burning non renewable resources as well as the fact that you will never, ever be cold in the winter, as long as you keep that wood stove burning hot. But in order to tap in to this valuable resource you need to first obtain all the wood you need, then you need to split it. A good device for getting this demanding task done it to buy a wood splitting device such as the Powerhouse SS-FX128-Z 7-ton Electric Log Splitter.

This is a great log splitter for everyday use in a regular household. This model has an electric motor, which means you never need to strain yourself chopping unruly logs down to a manageable size for your wood stove ever again. With a splitting force of seven tons and a solid ram the most difficult logs to split using a wedge and sledge hammer or an axe, will fall apart with ease. Once you load a log in to the slot you simply pull either the high or the low speed lever and the ram will push the log it to the tough sharpened steel wedge, welded to the frame.

For logs that are hard wood, knotted or have a wonky grain you are going to want to use the low speed this ill push the log in to the wedge slowly but with overall more force allowing for easy splitting. If you want soft woods, with minimal knots and a straight grain chopped you can use the higher speed which pushes the log fractionally faster but with less over all force as it is not needed for softer woods. The only limit you have in the logs you want to get cut is, if how much you can lift or manoeuvre in to the slot without hurting or straining yourself.

As with many electric log splitters the only component you need to keep an eye on is the lever of hydraulic oil, you do not want your new log splitter to seize up before you get your seasons fire wood all cut up.


7 Ton Log Splitter Wood Cutter

In any market you can always rent anything your little heart desires, from furniture, to appliances, tools and even cars. Therefore you could go and rent a log splitter every time you need to get your wood ready for the coming winter. Or you could buy your own and never have to worry about renting another one. For a single family dwelling you do not need a massive powerful splitter, just something that will make this exhausting task a little easier. A good wood splitter for this type of use would be a 7 Ton Log Splitter Wood Cutter made by PowerHouse.

This log splitter is a very easy machine to operate, you simply plug it in to a regular outlet or extension cord and you are ready to begin chopping your pile. With this electric model you will never have to worry about running out of gas in the middle of your project, and it you will never have a problem trying to start it as long as none of your electrical connections are damaged. This model is designed low to the ground so it is very easy to load logs of any size, although, it is also lighter than most splitter models so it can be safely used on the ground, or you can place it on a bench for easier access, with smaller logs as well to prevent strain on your back.

This is a great splitter as well because it can be used outside, or in a shed, garage, or workshop without having to worry about harmful gas fumes. This machine helps to eliminate injuries as it is made with the thought that anyone should be able to operate it without getting hurt. This machine requires two hands to operate, one on each lever to engage the pushing ram.

It will automatically retreat when you remove your hand from the lever so you can load the next log without losing any time pulling it back to the starting position. That is also a safety feature so you will never have any body parts between the ram and the wedge. It takes roughly six seconds for the ram and wedge to split a hardwood log with a diameter of twenty centimetres. Once the log is split the ram goes back to the original beginning within 5 seconds.

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